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Vain, by Amelie Fisher – book review

A very disappointing one star for this book. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I’m so bored with book it is bordering on tears. I started it, and after the first few pages put it down and started reading something else. I think it may be because the topic has been discussed to death about privileged people ” finding themselves and being humbled” when faced with poverty and of course, don’t forget the little maimed black kids…( the rest of the races also have maimed kids).

I returned to this book purely because of all the great stars it received while gathering virtual dust on my iPad bookshelf. Truly I’m just not going to finish it, I don’t even feel like doing the short version and reading a spoiler. Can’t believe I even bothered to sit down to write a review. Boring, done to death, bleh.

Going under by S. Walden – a book review



Going UnderGoing Under by S. Walden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going under is a very well written book, with real emotions, feelings and actions. I found Brooklyn just the right mix of brave, scared an inexperienced, exactly how I would picture an 18 year old who think they can handle everything, until they can’t. My heart went on a roller coaster with Brooke through all her trials and tribulations, loss, heartache and love.

I found all the other characters in the book well rounded, in just the right way to portray their true selves. Thought provoking and deep, but not offensive in any way. People need to bring things like mental illnesses, rape and abuse out of the dark and into the light. For me, this is a great way in doing it. Young readers should be made aware of it, and as fictional as this book is, as real are those threats to our safety in the real world.

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The Girl in 6 E by Alessandra Torre

What an intriguing journey reading this book turned out to be! I was captivated by Deanna, the lead character who spends her life doing call in or cam sex for money. The plot slowly and with a lot of suspense unravels, and reveals the reasons behind her choice in profession. The narrative in the book also follows some of her clients and even the courier guy delivering her parcels from a first person perspective, so the book is fast paced, and perfectly balanced, i had no trouble following all the finely spun threads of the web creating the plot, such a delight!.I was expecting a very dark and twisted book by reading the blurb, but was pleasantly surprised to find real people, with actual problems and mental health issues. The book takes unexpected twists and turns, and kept me riveted right to the last page. This book was an unexpected gold nugget! Ps… Do not read this book if you cannot tolerate a little bit of sexual deviance and some violence.

Blind Obsession by Ella Frank – hauntingly beautiful

blind obsession book cover

Blind Obsession by Ella Frank

What a devastatingly beautiful book. I’ts hauntingly beautiful, It gripped my heart and shattered it.

Learning the story by reliving the past through the (3) 2 lead characters, i fell in love with all of them, and even though i tried to bear in a different direction, the storms swept me where it wanted to go in this book of love, lust and obsession.

When reporter  Gemma  arrives at Chateau Tibideau she had a story in mind, to uncover the reason why the resident recluse Phillipe Tibideau retreated from the public eye after a showing of the most beautiful group of paintings he called blind obsession.  She strikes a deal with him and unwittingly become the conduit for Phillipe and Chantel, the person Phillipe depicted in his paintings to feel and see each other again.

She learns the story between Phillipe’s greatest heartbreak and sorrow and follows the path with us( the readers) right into Phillipe and Chantel’s love and longing for each other, and like us she get’s lost in them both.

I’m not sure how to ever recover from this. It left me in a state of flux, I can only remember feeling like this once before, and that was after reading “Me before you”, by Jojo Moyes.   I only recently discovered Ella through this book, and hope to read her other novels, as soon as I have recovered from this one 🙂

Bluff by Lenore Skomal – A deep thought provoking experience

This is the first, in what I hope to be many of Lenore Skomal’s books i will read. Having had this book in my library for a few weeks now, I just didn’t think an amazing book lay between the unassuming cover and (at the time) nondescript title. I started reading this book late at night and was spellbound within the first few paragraphs. The book tells the story of Jude, a sufferer of depression, who was raised by a single parent alcoholic mother.


Bluff by Lenore Skomal

Jude has an estranged older sister April, but she is essentially a loner, and very misunderstood. The story also develops into many other characters, including Francis, Jude’s only real friend and an ICU Nurse who Jude knew before the incident, but in whose care she now finds herself in. Each one of many characters are woven intricately into the life of Jude in strange and sometimes surprising ways. The title is so fitting, because she lives on the bluff, but you only see the double meaning once all the characters develop and show their true colors, much like in real life. When meeting new people showing our first impressions we all bluff our way into the fantasy we want others to believe our life is like. Such a clever title!

This book touched me deeply as some of the things Jude and her mother went through felt like a word for word discussion I would have with my own mother about abandonment,… Continue reading

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