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Take care, Sara. By Lindy Zart

Take Care, SaraTake Care, Sara by Lindy Zart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Nobody will ever know the depths of depravity, the utter feeling of being lost and lonely until someone they love died. The feeling of being left behind, of wanting to go too is so accurately and painfully real in this book, it took my breath away.

The story follows Sara after losing her husband Cole in a car accident. What put me off a bit closer to the end, even though I loved the story line was the inconsistencies in the timeline. Some pages the author referred to 3 months, and then all of a sudden it was only one month. It lost some credibility with me, knowing what one can achieve in 3 months as opposed to one.

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Marking time by April White ( book review)

Marking time by April white

Marking time by April White

When I first started reading this rare diamond find among the dull books I was suffering from what I call seriaphopbia (please don’t let this be a serial with a cliff hanger that leaves you hanging for a year). I’m sure I would be hang from the rafters by my stockings if that was the case. I kept checking how far the end was because the story was exiting enthralling and fast paced. I started breathing a bit better when I realized the book’s pages were not filled with meaningless “filler” emotions, of do I, don’t I, should I, you get the picture.

The heroine Saira Elian is smart and capable, and wise beyond her 17 years. As Saira is seeking answers to her mother’s strange disappearances over the years. I was riveted as the story unfolded. Every scene had a purpose as the book laid out the story of Saira’s families, and the 4 other families that make her’s so unique. I loved Archer, and Ringo. – perfect gentleman and her biggest allies from the 1800’s. the book had the perfect ending, I could not have asked for a better one!

I cannot wait to see if the author will be writing new books, but if she does, I’ convinced they will be as entertaining and completely bewitching as this one was.

Un beautiful (undeniable) – Madeleine Sheehan

This book was as heartbreakingly beautiful as it’ predecessor – undeniable. Madeleine has a very easy way of introducing readers to the harsh reality out there, about lifestyles and custom not seen in everyday life. I was shocked, and at time appalled, but still glued yo every word waiting for the inevitable trainer I to follow. When I need a reality check, Madeleine Sheehan’s books are the ones I reach for to read agin ( yes, the are that goo, I read them once a while 🙂 ).

There is no light in darkness – Clair Contreras

There is No Light in Darkness (Darkness, #1)There is No Light in Darkness by Claire Contreras

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This review really covers both the books in the series, that include the second book Darkness before Dawn.

I picked the first book on a whim, having never read any of Clair’s books before, and I’m so glad I did! Even better I wad able to buy the second book immediately, and finish with her epilogue online.

The story of Blake and Cole is so uniquely refreshing from. The same old plot that this book gripped me right from the start. Following their individual progress through their lives after their early childhood trauma, and trying to piece the puzzle together with all the players kept the book intriguing, and of course, who can resist the love of true soul mates? I’m really glad to ha e red this series, and will be missing all of them, after spending two days holed up in my bed with only them to keep me company, I came to love them too.

I’m looking forward to reading other great books from Clair!

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