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To commiserate or not… Keep your friendships real.

funny-pictures-heres-a-rats-assI use social media to express my views of my world, to express my opinions on matters, but without attacking anybody directly. We all don’t always agree on everything and I always welcome constructive input from the people on my lists, that I regard as friends, because the view of the world as I have it may be a bit biased sometimes. I guess we can all say that. 🙂

I  also have ADD, so the way I express myself may sometimes come across to sensitive viewers (PG16 and up) as harsh or too direct.  We live in a world where the only thing everybody wants to share is their happy feelings, their happy days, their happiness.  Nobody wants to post on their page they are having a bad day – WHAT WOULD THE WORLD THINK OF THEM!!!  I am not one of those people.

And so I USED TO belonged to a group in a Whatsapp. forum where all the girlfriends (About 30 or so) chatted, lent each other support, shared info and feelings etc.  (only the happy stuff of course), unless you are a VALEDICTORIAN member, then everybody will commiserate with you, share in your troubles and offer to carry your load.  I was not even close.  I have a horrible sense of timing, because I work full time, raise my kids alone and I have had more than my share of medical problems in between to deal with.  I… Continue reading

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