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To do lists – We made 2016 Amazing

2015 was the year of my last operation (neck fusion), and so the kids and I decided to make 2016 an amazing year.  We decided to do things, go places and see stuff.  Daddy moved to Namibia for work, so it was going to be double hard for me being both parents to our kids, raising them, doing school trips, dealing with their missing daddy etc.  for the rest of the year we only got to see Daddy 3 days per month.

But first, Mommy had to go and refill her emotional tanks alone, away from everyone.  So mommy booked herself a trip to Europe ;).  Just 10 days, budapest, Prague, bratislava and Vienna.  I felt like a new person, and was ready for what the year had in stall for me.

So here is the list we set out to do, (and do and do :)).

In 2016 we went on our first Colour Run.  It is known as the happiest 5K on the planet, and boy did we have fun!  Walking, hopping, skipping or crawling, it doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you do.  Dress code is silly but white.  That is because after every kilometer you get BOMBARDED with colour dust and by the end of the race you look like a colour crazy chameleon.  For this adventure Daddy got to join us, making it double the fun.

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