Blind Obsession by Ella Frank – hauntingly beautiful

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Blind Obsession by Ella Frank

What a devastatingly beautiful book. I’ts hauntingly beautiful, It gripped my heart and shattered it.

Learning the story by reliving the past through the (3) 2 lead characters, i fell in love with all of them, and even though i tried to bear in a different direction, the storms swept me where it wanted to go in this book of love, lust and obsession.

When reporter  Gemma  arrives at Chateau Tibideau she had a story in mind, to uncover the reason why the resident recluse Phillipe Tibideau retreated from the public eye after a showing of the most beautiful group of paintings he called blind obsession.  She strikes a deal with him and unwittingly become the conduit for Phillipe and Chantel, the person Phillipe depicted in his paintings to feel and see each other again.

She learns the story between Phillipe’s greatest heartbreak and sorrow and follows the path with us( the readers) right into Phillipe and Chantel’s love and longing for each other, and like us she get’s lost in them both.

I’m not sure how to ever recover from this. It left me in a state of flux, I can only remember feeling like this once before, and that was after reading “Me before you”, by Jojo Moyes.   I only recently discovered Ella through this book, and hope to read her other novels, as soon as I have recovered from this one 🙂

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