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My Bucket list

your fingerprints never fade from the lives you touch

HPIM1624How many lives have you touched,  and was the last thing you did with that touch a good thing?

I realized (not too long ago) that we cannot take anything with us when it’s our time to go to eternal sleep.  the only thing we can take with us is our memories, our love, and our experiences.  Do things, if you have been in one place all your life, now is the time to venture out.  After all you can be sorry about the things you did not do in your life at the end of it, but if you have time, do stuff, now.

I have, during the course of the last 5 years undergone dramatic surgery for various ailments relating to my left shoulder, arm and my neck.  These operations also included two operations (the first failed) to give me my voice back (I got a super bug in the hospital and lost my voice for 4 months due to paralyzed central nerve).prague-charles-bridge-band

So one of the things on my bucket list cannot be sing to my favorite song, because I can only do the base voices while my daughters angel’s voice soars for both of us.

Yes, I am only 42 at the moment, but after spending months on the mend, just to have another and another operation with the subsequent mending time, rehabilitation, and trying to keep my business afloat, and raise my two kids a person starts to get their priorities straight.

So I decided to create a Bucket List, of all the things I want to see, experience or do before I leave this world:

 Read one of the Classics  Done  Wuthering Heights (Emily Bronte) 2013
Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky) 2015
 Watch a foreign movie with sub titles  Done  The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo (Stieg Larson) 2014
 Have dinner as the sun is setting on the Champs Elysee in Paris  Done  Wonderful!  Sun goes down at 10:30 PM 🙂 2005
 Visit Prague in the Winter Time and get the bridge band CD  Done!!  2005 (summer)- Will have to go again….aww it was wonderful 2016. Prague is the city of my soul ❤️
 See the Northern Lights or the Southern Aurora  I feel in my heart this one is next…… *exited* t.b.a 2017. ✨
 Feed a Homeless Person, even if it is just for a little while Done  Mr Goosen 2002
 Visit a spice/flea market in Turkey/ Istanbul/ Marrakesh
 Dance with my kids on their wedding days
 Watch a live musical (Les Misrables) in a proper opera theater  Local productions of Mama Mia and Bread cannot compare.  I want the O2 in Londen!
 Visit the Budapest Markets  Done  What a fantastical country, I will visit again!  2016
 Visit the Netherlands and see the Tulips  Done  Astonishing! 2005
 Build a snow man / make a snow angel in Austria
 Drink wine and eat pizza in an Italian Trattoria

I still have a lot of open spots on my (non exhaustive) list, I will add to it as my ADD brain catches up to me 🙂

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