Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Days of Blood and Starlight, Dreams of Gods and Monsters

daughter of smoke and bone

Daughter of smoke and bone

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, 

Days of blood and starlight and the last book Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor.

I loved this trilogy!
The author has such a unique writing style, the characters are so real, and set to start in the city of Prague, these books were a fairy tale made in Eretz  🙂 .

The trillogy is about a human girl called Karou who lives two lives, one in the human world, and going through special portals, into “elsewhere” as she knows it.  Her protector Brimstone (a chimera – mix between human and animal person) collects teeth and strings them up into necklaces but Karou has yet to figure out why, since nobody will let her in on the secret.   And then there is the strange tatoos that’s been on her hands since she can remember (hamsas that look like open eyes on each palm).  What are they for?

Brimstone deals in wishes and for an early birthday Karou wishes for her hair to be a beautiful dark blue (Lapizlazuli) – and she studies art at the local art college with her pixie sized friend  Zuzannah.  The books take you deeper into both worlds, and introduce you to the legions of Seraphim armies, of which Akiva is a soldier, but something mysterious draws him to Karou.

I feel deprived to have read the last book, where other authors can drag a much lesser story over a dismal 5 volumes, we have to say goodbye to Zuzannah, Mic, Ziri, Karou, Akiva and all the others already?

It’s just, I’m NOT READY TO LET THEM GO 🙁 . What a magnificently believable tale of Seraphim angels in another world parallel to earth, doing battle with none other than the Chimera , for decades, having long ago forgotten why.

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