Empath by Becca j. Campbell

Empath (The Flawed Series, #1)Empath by Becca J. Campbell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


I received an ARC for an honest review of this book, and it landed in my inbox yesterday afternoon. I was honestly conflicted on the stars I should give this book, but finally decided on a very good 3.5. I loved the originality of the story, never have I come across another with quite the same (para)normal characters. I loved how Becca switched between the POV’s of the main cast who includes Jade, our heroine blessed (or as she feels) cursed with an empathic ability that is so strong she does not know where her feelings begin and other’s feelings start. We have our classic quiet guy Logan, a professor at Jade’s college with some secrets of his own, and the of course the bad guy, Ethan, a sadistic killer with a target in mind..
Becca did a very good job of keeping all the different threads of her story together, not once did I have to go back – everything played out clear and without holes in the story.
On the down side I like my paranormal or fiction books to be – even though it is totally impossible, to make me feel it can happen, maybe. For me, the story had too many sub plots and side characters in the cast with coincidental abilities / disabilities, so towards the end I sort of wished for more character development between the main cast and less fokus on the friends, siblings and other side plots. It made the main plot ending very easy to guess halfway through the book, and the final ending a bit too much for too little interaction?.

I had a look online and saw Becca J. Campbell is a fairly new writer, and I honestly have to say I see great things happening for her in the future. I remember years ago I read authors with her storytelling ability who is now NY best selling authors!

Empath is definitely worth the read and was like a fresh breath of air in the now very over populated Faye, vampire, werewolf world.

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