losing my forever love

Angel-face, You and I were headed for something great. You were way ahead of your time, and I was catching on to technology as quick as you. It was the years when the world was holding it”s breath before the technology wave would sweep up the world, and we were ready, poised to ride the wave into the new millennium. All we needed was that one chance. Just one chance to do something, and you would have been so successful.

Even with little money, few possessions and lots of worries we were so very happy. I loved you, and will always love you to the core of my very soul. You loved me back the same way, you spun me into a cocoon, protected me, loved me, was my friend when Soulmate-stefanI needed one, my love and my guardian. It was as if you knew exactly what was needed to make my fractured soul whole, and you spent every day doing the things that would make it so. I will never understand why you were taken from this world, and from me so fast, I was left spinning, without an anchor, and no direction.
I found those things inside myself and eventually found my north again, but still your loss left a gaping hole that nothing can ever fill.

You taught me the true meaning of love, not just how to feel it, but also how to show it, and mean it. Having grown up in a very emotionally stunted home It is amazing to see how the sharing of the love you taught me entrance and captivate the people I love and show it to. It is as if they are empty vessels and the shining light of love I bring to their world show them how to fill themselves. They long for my company, because they know I bring love, the love that is your legacy in my life. I will forever carry it, together with the empty space where you once fit into my life, and made it whole.

You gave me the roadmap to forging a special bond with my gran, who I loved a very much, and finally learned to show her before she too, passed away.

You also gave me the tools to raise my two treasured children with love, thank you, I miss you every day.

untill we meet again –

your fingerprints won’t fade from the lives you touched.

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