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Raising Alexis, A Parenting journey raising kids with ADD, ADHD

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Raising Alexis

Dear Parent,

As an adult diagnosed with ADD, I have had the privelage of raising two beautiful children, also diagnosed with ADD / ADHD.

This book is not a clinical diagnostic tool, it is a parenting journey.  It give insight into my pregnancies, the formative years of Alexis, and later Julian.  Each child, boy or girl have their own unique set of challenges.  In this book i show the ways we approach the academic struggle, how we tackle every day challenges from tantrums to backtalk, building friendships and surviving in mainstream school environments.  How instead of parenting them from the outside, we create a team, that function well and work together.

See us find compassion and acceptance.  How we change our reaction to the outside word to laugh instead of cry.  Live through the funny, the cringe worthy and heartache.  Read how these struggles enables us to be better functioning members of society.

Don’t just improve your own life, but learn to how to get yourself and your kids to thrive instead of survive.  Your kids are worth it, and so are you.

Available for pre-order from Amazon now.

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