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Going UnderGoing Under by S. Walden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Going under is a very well written book, with real emotions, feelings and actions. I found Brooklyn just the right mix of brave, scared an inexperienced, exactly how I would picture an 18 year old who think they can handle everything, until they can’t. My heart went on a roller coaster with Brooke through all her trials and tribulations, loss, heartache and love.

I found all the other characters in the book well rounded, in just the right way to portray their true selves. Thought provoking and deep, but not offensive in any way. People need to bring things like mental illnesses, rape and abuse out of the dark and into the light. For me, this is a great way in doing it. Young readers should be made aware of it, and as fictional as this book is, as real are those threats to our safety in the real world.

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