April white

Marking time by April White ( book review)

Marking time by April white

Marking time by April White

When I first started reading this rare diamond find among the dull books I was suffering from what I call seriaphopbia (please don’t let this be a serial with a cliff hanger that leaves you hanging for a year). I’m sure I would be hang from the rafters by my stockings if that was the case. I kept checking how far the end was because the story was exiting enthralling and fast paced. I started breathing a bit better when I realized the book’s pages were not filled with meaningless “filler” emotions, of do I, don’t I, should I, you get the picture.

The heroine Saira Elian is smart and capable, and wise beyond her 17 years. As Saira is seeking answers to her mother’s strange disappearances over the years. I was riveted as the story unfolded. Every scene had a purpose as the book laid out the story of Saira’s families, and the 4 other families that make her’s so unique. I loved Archer, and Ringo. – perfect gentleman and her biggest allies from the 1800’s. the book had the perfect ending, I could not have asked for a better one!

I cannot wait to see if the author will be writing new books, but if she does, I’ convinced they will be as entertaining and completely bewitching as this one was.

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