Vain, by Amelie Fisher – book review

A very disappointing one star for this book. I’m not sure what’s wrong, but I’m so bored with book it is bordering on tears. I started it, and after the first few pages put it down and started reading something else. I think it may be because the topic has been discussed to death about privileged people ” finding themselves and being humbled” when faced with poverty and of course, don’t forget the little maimed black kids…( the rest of the races also have maimed kids).

I returned to this book purely because of all the great stars it received while gathering virtual dust on my iPad bookshelf. Truly I’m just not going to finish it, I don’t even feel like doing the short version and reading a spoiler. Can’t believe I even bothered to sit down to write a review. Boring, done to death, bleh.

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