The Breathing Series by Rebecca Donovan

Out of Breath (Breathing, #3)Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan

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I read barely breathing and reason to breathe more than a year ago, same as all the other readers, and was truly devastated upon hearing the final installment was delayed with a full year!.

Now I’m glad, a few days before Out of breath was due to be released I started on the first book, it took longer than I expected, and had out of breath in my kindle before even starting on the second book. I was as captivated by Evan and Emma’s story from the first time I read it, and having finally getting to read the final chapter I feel over the moon.

This story is SO worth the read. Emma, coming from a broken home, and having to live with her aunt and uncle, enduring abuse and almost being killed, finally re-uniting with her alcoholic mother and striking up a strange friendship with her mother’s young lover Jonathan, my heart went into spasms, one cannot help but fall a little. Bit in love with Jonathan either, he’s a survivor of the same dark past as Emma’s and this creates a bond between them. The final installment is full of heart wrenching pain, honesty and lot’s of love with Emma having made new friends, friends that understand, trust and love her, and share with her the trials and heartache she goes through.

Just what she needed to help catch her breath! Loved this series. Like I said, totally with the wait!…

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