The Girl in 6 E by Alessandra Torre

What an intriguing journey reading this book turned out to be! I was captivated by Deanna, the lead character who spends her life doing call in or cam sex for money. The plot slowly and with a lot of suspense unravels, and reveals the reasons behind her choice in profession. The narrative in the book also follows some of her clients and even the courier guy delivering her parcels from a first person perspective, so the book is fast paced, and perfectly balanced, i had no trouble following all the finely spun threads of the web creating the plot, such a delight!.I was expecting a very dark and twisted book by reading the blurb, but was pleasantly surprised to find real people, with actual problems and mental health issues. The book takes unexpected twists and turns, and kept me riveted right to the last page. This book was an unexpected gold nugget! Ps… Do not read this book if you cannot tolerate a little bit of sexual deviance and some violence.

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