The Irin Chronicles- The Scribe, The Singer and The Secret – a book (s) review by Elizabeth Hunter

The ScribeYes, I hate a cliffhanger as much as the next person, and this is also the first book I picked up from Elizabeth Hunter while waiting for the next big one to catch my eye.  The story starts with Ava, a lonely traveler, freelance photographer who ventures into Istanbul, for a photo shoot and to see about a doctor she was referred to who may be able to help her with the “voices” she constantly hear when around other people. We also meet the Irin scribes, the worlds oldest record keepers, and their nemesis – the Grigori soldiers who kills human woman for their energy.  I decided to hold off on posting a review on The Scribe, and could not wait to get my hands on the next book.

imageThen at last the second book in the series was released, The Singer. Although this book was a slow start for me, it was the most nail biting book of the trilogy, what will happen to the scribes, what is the Grigori planning,and why is the fallen just sitting and watching? It was a well written companion book to The Scribe. Elizabeth fleshed out, not only the characters, but also the world they inhabit, their ancient ways and traditions. I makes you wish this world really existed so you could go and visit there – it’s that realistically written.

Ok. I have to say that waiting LONG months for The Secret to be released was absolute torture. On the release day I started reading The Scribe then The Singer and once I was sure the story was fresh in my mind, I picked up the last book. All the wondering if wars would be waged, scribes an Grigori killed, if the if the Fallen would imagefinally Do something about it all was revealed in a masterful and very unexpected twist at he end.

the Elizabeth knows how to weave a magical web of a story line, not leaving a single delicate strand loose. Masterful writing, fantastic trilogy. I will go out and purchase the hard copies of this series, I would like to own it.  If you decide to venture into the world of The Irin, be prepared to be shocked out of your socks, cry as if your heart is breaking ( from happiness and sorrow).

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