To commiserate or not… Keep your friendships real.

funny-pictures-heres-a-rats-assI use social media to express my views of my world, to express my opinions on matters, but without attacking anybody directly. We all don’t always agree on everything and I always welcome constructive input from the people on my lists, that I regard as friends, because the view of the world as I have it may be a bit biased sometimes. I guess we can all say that. 🙂

I  also have ADD, so the way I express myself may sometimes come across to sensitive viewers (PG16 and up) as harsh or too direct.  We live in a world where the only thing everybody wants to share is their happy feelings, their happy days, their happiness.  Nobody wants to post on their page they are having a bad day – WHAT WOULD THE WORLD THINK OF THEM!!!  I am not one of those people.

And so I USED TO belonged to a group in a Whatsapp. forum where all the girlfriends (About 30 or so) chatted, lent each other support, shared info and feelings etc.  (only the happy stuff of course), unless you are a VALEDICTORIAN member, then everybody will commiserate with you, share in your troubles and offer to carry your load.  I was not even close.  I have a horrible sense of timing, because I work full time, raise my kids alone and I have had more than my share of medical problems in between to deal with.  I don’t have the time in a day to ready 149 posts that were done before one in the afternoon.

I didn’t always read every post because if somebody has a headache or their husband had a rotten toe and is is professional golf player, the members would  all post to commiserate about the horror, the pain.

It became really tedious to go through that.   I left said group for this very reason on my own twice.  And twice my true friends had me listed again, saying I need to keep in touch.   I’m by nature a very optimistic person, but ugh, it can get very very tedious.


so with my impeccable timing I would post a funny (to me) joke around 4 in the afternoon, not realising I just hopped right into the poor rotten toe discussion.  (unfortunately the joke was a rat’s ass) see image with this post *snicker*.

Aww.  One would think your friends know your intentions after they have dealt and known you for 16 years!.

Bottom line.  I don’t belong to that group anymore (Hallelujah), the only problems I have to deal with is my own, or the people I care enough about to listen to.  I just wish I had my Hallelujah moment 10 years ago, would have saved me a world of irritation and annoyance.

Keep only your close friends and family close to your heart.  Life is too short to live your life through others.  If you need 30 friends to help you feel better, you probably need to be in a mental institution rather than the real world.

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